_  "I like sento. This is the reason why i chose it. But I tried to explain also that we are the same. Is not important oun country, race or gender. When undress us from our masks we do and think the same thing"  _  Alessandro Bioletti is an illustrator born in Turin on 21st August 1986. Since he was just a child he used to look at his granddad’s photo book of Japan and so he started nurturing a strong interest for the country. At 16 he started learning Japanese and at 18 he made his first trip to this faraway land. He has kept travelling and simultaneously kept drawing. Over the years these two passions united and became one. In December 2014, he published his first children book “mitsukete Alekun! sekai no tabi” with the biggest Japanese publisher, Shogakukan. From May 2015, he is living in Tokyo and working as illustrator.  _    alekun.com      www.behance.net/alekun        
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