_  I decided to focus on some of the most interesting statues and sculptures scattered around the city: from the cute Hachikō bronze at Shibuya station to the goliath Unicorn Gundam statue in Odaiba. Painted in March, I limited the colour solely to Sakura pink to represent the imminent cherry blossom festival.  I chose to draw the city with minimalist, crisp black lines and paint the figures and statues using patches of texture. I wanted the painting style to reflect the city; clean, calm, creative and cool.   _  Ciaran Murphy is a Scottish illustrator with a background in animation, graduating (BAHons) Animation from Duncan of Jordanstone. He specialises in lively editorial illustration and creative portraiture.  Ciaran works freelance from his home in Edinburgh where he lives with his wife, their cats, rabbits and ambitions.    _   www.ciaranmurphyillustration.com
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