_  Few years ago I went on a trip to Japan for about a month, I visited cities and country side as well and I loved, but the thing that really impressed me in many different ways was Tokyo.  Tokyo to me is mix of mystery, excitement, culture, caos, history, with a futuristic and magic feeling, is like a never-ending labyrinth where you can get lost, in few words Is an incredible metropolis.  I represented a couple, biking trough the labyrinthine streets of Shinjuku, like if they were two sort of  spirits wearing a Kitsune mask, I am very fascinated by legends and folklore and I like the story of the Kitsune, the Japanese white fox. _ Jacopo Degl'innocenti aka Japa, is a Brooklyn based Italian illustrator and animator, he moved to NYC in 2010 from Florence, Italy. _   www.japa-art.com    @japa_art
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