_  When I came to Tokyo for the first time, it was the beginning of April and I was brought to a hanami party directly from the airport, with my luggage.  There were many people who I didn't know, but everybody was smiling to me, pouring my glass of sake and giving me Japanese food to try. That was a warm, sunny day with great smelling flowers. I felt very welcomed and happy. That was such a great beginning of my Tokyo story. Today I live next to a famous sakura viewing spot and spring brings me a lot of inspiration and nice memories.  _  Yeka Haski is a mixed-media artist and Illustrator from Russia living in Tokyo.  She creates colorful artworks full of characters and works in such directions as fine art, illustration, fashion and design.  She has done a number of exhibitions and collaborations with famous brands and right now is getting ready for her new solo show in June in Tokyo.  _   www.yekahaski.com   instagram:  @yekahaski
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