_  When I first came to Tokyo, like many I was fascinated by the coexistence of futuristic Japan and traditional Japan. Later, I fell in love with what the Japanese call 'wabi sabi', the acceptance of imperfection in things. I especially love the wabi sabi in simple urban scenes like a wall of discolored tiles hidden behind a couple of plants and a cat sleeping on an air-conditioning box - they are treasures to my eyes! This is the Tokyo I wanted to depict in this illustration for the Tokyoiter. My illustration here shows a house of the neighborhood which is not in line with the latest standards of beauty but yet displays beautiful harmony. This is the Tokyo I love the most!   _  I am Charlotte Cahill aka 'Curious Drawer', a French illustrator based in Tokyo. When I am not working on projects for clients, I like making illustrations inspired by my daily life.  _   www.curiousdrawer.com   @curiousdrawer
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