_  When I started thinking of a cover that represented the theme ’Tokyo’, Japanese schoolgirls (女子高生) and their cool and edgy sense of fashion came to mind. Since my art style is 'dark and cute' and most of my illustrations are black and white, I drew the piece based on this style.  _  Based out of Tokyo and having graduated from the Kyoto City University of Arts with an Art Curator license, I have been working as a graphic designer with international companies in the music, IT and games industries for more than ten years.  In addition to design work I illustrate in my private time. My accomplishments include work for Paramount Pictures, Adobe and Samsonite. My artistic world is one that is both dark and cute, and whose inhabitants share those qualities. With a diverse portfolio and skillsets I am always looking for opportunities to express my creativity.  _   www.sakimurakami.com    @saki_illustrator
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