_  Mariya Suzuki was born in Nara and studied illustration in Long Beach, California. She currently works as an illustrator in Tokyo.   She has contributed her work for many musicians, food professionals, and books and magazines from around the world. In addition to printed media, she also collaborates with interior designers to draw murals.Aside from work, she enjoys going around town to draw subjects whose shape or story catches her attention.   Mariya Suzukiは奈良生まれのイラストレーター。カリフォルニア州ロングビーチでイラストレーションを学び、現在は東京をベースに活動中。国内外の多くのミュージシャンや食のプロフェッショナル、本や雑誌など、幅広くイラストを提供している。紙媒体に加え、インテリアのアクセントとなるような壁画も手がける。まちを歩きながら、心に響く形やストー  _    www.mariyasketch.com      @mariyasuzuki
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