_  "I have a family member living in Japan which gives me excuse to visit every now and again and not surprisingly, I'm in love with Japan.   There are so many things that inspire my about this country, like its beautiful nature, its food, the art and the amount of mascots around…   But one of the main inspiration I find in folklore and all the magical beings of Japan. I’m originally from Ukraine and grew up surrounded by folk tales and superstitions, and even though I never truly believed in any of it, it always fascinated me. I miss that in modern Western world.   So the creatures on my cover are made up but they are inspired by Japanese Yokai and just like the rest of Tokyo, they’re taking a spontaneous nap on the train. "  _  Yuliya is an illustrator, designer and author focused on creating for children.   Born and raised in Ukraine, she have been living in the Netherlands since 2008.  she creates illustrations for books, magazines, clothes, toys, stationery and more. she also design and lead kids creative workshops and DIY hang outs.  Make art not war!  _    yufrukt.com    instagram:   @  yufrukt
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